What is the Tusano Trading Company?

Growing up, I was enthralled with how people shaped things, spun thread, forged metal, and especially cut and contoured wood into furniture and other objects. I soon found through my Grandparent’s craft-work store that I wanted to surround myself with the works of craftspeople and artists, and share what excited me about them with other people.

The Tusano Trading Company is my attempt to do exactly that. I’ve recruited Artists I’m excited about to help me design exclusive products to be sold and promoted alongside my own works, in an effort to show others that there’s serious magic to making. We're all for encouraging young and developing artists to pursue their talents and be paid fairly for it. With this, I hope to bring together a solid foundation of passionate artists and makers that encourage each other and work as a team to make making work for all of us. 

Our Slogan “Forge Ahead and Follow Through” is meant to invoke imagery of laborious passions and promises with the weight of integrity behind them. I hope to move Tusano forward as a brand known for recognizing artist’s hard-work and dedication to their craft, as well as motivating and bringing out the best in our artists. With that in mind, we press on, We Forge Ahead. 

-Thomas Tusano

Tusano Update!

The Novi home show kicked off what we hope to be an awesome show season, and while we don’t have any upcoming shows just yet, it’s still early and we have a list to go over that includes some amazing craft shows in the Midwest, and maybe even some in New England! Also to come is a huge announcement about what the Season End Cap will be this year! It’s got all of us thrilled and we hope people can make it out to see what we’ll be offering there!

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