The Follow Through!

Our Mission

The Tusano Trading Company is tailor made to share what excites us about Craft and Artistry with others around the world. We work with Artists we’re excited about to help us design exclusive artwork to be sold and promoted alongside various handmade goods, in an effort to show there’s serious magic to Making. We believe Artists should pursue their talents and be paid fairly for it. With this, we bring together a solid foundation of passionate Artists and Makers that encourage each other and work as a team to make Making work for all of us. 

On this Website, you’ll find the portfolios and social media profiles of our artists. All of which we’ve collaborated with on various projects. If you like them, share them on Social Media, follow them, or even support them by commissioning them!

At the Tusano Trading Company we stand behind our artists, from the moment we’re struck by their work. Our tagline, “Forge Ahead and Follow Through” is a promise of hard work and integrity. We believe in every artist and their potential to show great ideas and present our audience with something they’ll feel passionately about too.

So remember folks, if it’s worth doing, Forge Ahead, and Follow Through

Thomas Tusano