Kristina Susalla Photography

Kristina has a self-stated love for the natural, for "the beauty that is born and matures uninterrupted from this world, and the changes that take place along the way." She has a love for "the candid and pure, for the things that make someone simultaneously in awe of this world, and wanting to be transported to wherever and whenever the photo was taken." Her photography is used to capture that, and to immortalize something that others can see and apply their own interpretations and feelings when they look at a photograph. 

With an even greater love for Detroit, Kristina photographs the city zealously "Because most times the beauty that lies here is overlooked, is shrouded in rumor and the darkness of times and crimes past. People hear the name of my city and they walk faster, they pull up their hoods and duck their heads, and then they are unable see the beauty that surrounds them in this city. They can't see the history, the memories and evidence of struggles and victories experienced long ago. They can't see how things were left to decay and yet how those same things are now being born again and re-purposed. Kristina's hope is that through her photography, others can also see the history, beauty, perseverance, and wonder that she sees in her city, and to see why this city's motto is so aptly upheld: "We hope for better things. It will rise from the ashes."