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Originally from California, Michael Vance Owens moved Eastward and met the Spitballers, Kimbo, Doc, Bullet and Atlas. Under their initial mentoring, Michael grew into a potent artist of his own right and caught the attention of The Tusano Trading Company. After a small push Michael drew up a character sheet for our upcoming campaign and came full circle, as the other Spitballers then followed suit. These past few months have found him drawing up plans to work on his art career and further his skills under continued tutelage and growth with the Spitballers. He currently has the goal of making comics and storyboards for his other characters and does commission work and designs to bolster his art career, as well as serving as the Social Media Director for the Tusano Trading Company


A passion project of Michael’s, and Home to Lulok; Roguelight is a story that evolved out of years of inspiration from both Tabletop and Roleplaying Games.

Saith Luxendale, A young acolyte at the prestigious Dungeoneering Academy of Brasstia wishes to build his own dungeon. the only way he knows he can accomplish this going through the other students at the academy, for only a select few may become officiated kingdom dungeoneer's. Saith will soon discover there are things in the comforting darkness bellow the earth, and it might fall to him to bring them to the light.


Born from a love of Distopia and Apocalypse, Oasis is Wicked Dawn’s own twist on Desert Diesel Punk

The planet of Dest'Ogra is a wild wasteland of sand and blood. A prison planet turned galactic annex for the worst criminals to bring ruin to the stars. the no man's land is brutal but it is here were all fame and fortune are only a bounty away. Enter the ambitious but naïve Wander, a born prisoner turned bounty hunter apprentice to the mysterious and gruff Cage-0, an experienced and violent bounty hunter with his own price on his head; beckoning all comers. these two unlikely heroes are about to get wrapped up in a high octane adventure toward the key to everything: Oasis

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